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Yo Soy Eva 7252013 on Vimeo

Source: from Linda Garcia Merchant – Vimeo

Written in 2010 by a group of teenage Latinas from Madison Wisconsin and Dr. Andrea ‘Tess’ Arenas, the Latina Poetry Project created a response to the iconic work that is Corky Gonzales’ “I Am Joaquin”. “Yo Soy Eva” answers the question asked by generations of Latinas. Soldadera, Curandera, Tonatzin, all the ‘Eva’s of el mundo’, speaking for the tender gift of life, the invitation to heal, to cure, and to join in the struggle–all from the strength of a cheetah’s growl. “Yo Soy Eva” celebrates the spirit and power of all Latinas.
‘Yo Soy Eva’ marks the directorial debut of poet and performance artist, Evon Flores Barrera