Stories of Mothers and Daughters

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A Latina daughter, her American immigrant mother, and 157 Barbies I want to begin this blog with a story that reflects the complex relationship between American daughters raised by Latino immigrant mothers and at the same time highlights the resolution, creativity, and endurance of both Latino mothers and their daughters. The title of the blog […]


Celebrating Immigrant Mothers – America’s Voice

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Picture source:AMOR MIGRANTE (YouTube Official Video) – Elena & Los Fulanos Immigrant mothers are worthy of admiration. This is how I concluded a short essay about my undocumented mother, Vilma, who has overcome her fear of deportation. In the essay, I wrote about my mother’s unwavering spirit, her sacrifices, and her ability to always have […]


From Nth Africa To France, ‘Fatima’ Tells The Story Of A Mother & Her Teen Girls In A New Culture – GirlTalkHQ

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Picture source: There’s a LOT of talk about immigration around the world right now. No matter which country you live in, it’s hard to escape the political lens that this this issue is often dominantly seen through. Whether it is Brexit, or Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric, immigration has sadly becoming a plaything in the hands […]