From Nth Africa To France, ‘Fatima’ Tells The Story Of A Mother & Her Teen Girls In A New Culture – GirlTalkHQ

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Picture source: There’s a LOT of talk about immigration around the world right now. No matter which country you live in, it’s hard to escape the political lens that this this issue is often dominantly seen through. Whether it is Brexit, or Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric, immigration has sadly becoming a plaything in the hands […]

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2014 Festival | You’re Dead to Me | PBS Online Film Festival | Video | THIRTEEN – New York Public Media

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As she prepares to receive family members on an important anniversary a mother cooks, cleans, and fights with her teen over unresolved differences that left them estranged. The argument reveals some rifts in their relationship and resolves itself in an unexpected and touching climax. Source: 2014 Festival | You’re Dead to Me | PBS Online […]