Uncovering Latina suicides

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Image from AP What is driving high suicide rates amongst Latina teenagers? Latina teenagers have one of the highest rates of suicide among teens in the United States. In many cases they share a common thread: they are first-generation Americans with immigrant parents – and they find themselves caught between old traditions and their American […]

Exploring the ‘Immigrant Paradox’: Q & A with Cynthia Garcia Coll – Education Writers Association

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Image source: ewa.org logo OCTOBER 20, 2011 MAUREEN KELLEHER FIGUEROA For more than a century, assimilation into American culture has been held up as a positive goal for immigrants to pursue.But a just-released book that highlights research on first-generation immigrant children and adolescents, including Latinos, shows that recent immigrant children are more likely to succeed in school and avoid […]

Growing Up Latino and Surviving to 25 on Vimeo

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from The Futuro Media Group Surviving the emotional roller coaster of adolescence is a double and sometimes triple challenge for Latino/a youth. Culture and tradition complicate universal adolescent issues like anxiety, depression, peer pressure, and relationships. Youth in immigrant families often have difficulty navigating the different worlds of school and the streets, home and family. […]