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Young Latinas and U.S. immigration policies   Karla Gutierrez and Paola Gonzalez, an 18 and 17-year-old from Animo Inglewood Charter High School, perform an original poem that gives a voice to the struggles immigrants have and continue to face in America.   People’s stories humanize statistical figures. In this blog, I present a dialogue between […]

Stories of Mothers and Daughters

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A Latina daughter, her American immigrant mother, and 157 Barbies I want to begin this blog with a story that reflects the complex relationship between American daughters raised by Latino immigrant mothers and at the same time highlights the resolution, creativity, and endurance of both Latino mothers and their daughters. The title of the blog […]

Ethnicity is a Social Construction Too –

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Picture source: TweetThose of us who study racial and ethnic relations in the United States recognize that race is a social construction. What race means, the characteristics and features that we attach to it and the classifications … Source: Ethnicity is a Social Construction Too –