Between harm and hope

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At The Interstices Between Harm and Hope Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait “The Wounded Deer” (1946) speaks to this project’s many contradictions. This emotional painting depicts a flirtation with death—a frequent theme in Kahlo’s artistic work—but this piece in particular is a more literal expression of pain and a near-death experience: a perfect image to help me […]


Yo Soy Eva 7252013 on Vimeo

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Source: from Linda Garcia Merchant – Vimeo Written in 2010 by a group of teenage Latinas from Madison Wisconsin and Dr. Andrea ‘Tess’ Arenas, the Latina Poetry Project created a response to the iconic work that is Corky Gonzales’ “I Am Joaquin”. “Yo Soy Eva” answers the question asked by generations of Latinas. Soldadera, Curandera, […]