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Source: from Linda Garcia Merchant – Vimeo Written in 2010 by a group of teenage Latinas from Madison Wisconsin and Dr. Andrea ‘Tess’ Arenas, the Latina Poetry Project created a response to the iconic work that is Corky Gonzales’ “I Am Joaquin”. “Yo Soy Eva” answers the question asked by generations of Latinas. Soldadera, Curandera, […]

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Living on the Border

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Image source: Boston University Moving Borders Living on the Border: A Wound That Will Not Heal . . .The pain and joy of the borderlands–perhaps no greater or lesser than the emotions stirred by living anywhere contradictions abound, cultures clash and meld, and life is lived on an edge–come from a wound that will not […]


Second- and Third-Generation Latinas and the Difficulty to ‘Fit In’ — Everyday Feminism

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Free photo source: There’s no winning, because “no soy de aquí, ni soy de allá.” Luckily, I no longer feel like I have to prove my identity to anyone. Because being Latina is a multidimensional experience. I love my Puerto Rican roots, but I’m also not ashamed that I’ve acculturated into American society. And […]


Film in American Popular Culture

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AN INSTITUTE FOR AMERICAN STUDIES AND CREATIVE WRITING Real Women Have Curves, the 2002 film based on Josefina López’s two act play, politicizes the female form by strategically exposing and subverting dominant ideals about body image. López takes the overweight form, so often marginalized (like the immigrant) by society and popular culture, and redefines this […]