La Cantaleta: The Hidden Cry for Help

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“Recógeme eso! ¡Ponte a limpiar coño! ¡Muchacha de mierda! ¡Levántate! ¡Ahora! ¿Y porque tu no estás? ¡Tu amas a tus amigos mas que a mi! ¡Si te tengo que decir otra ves! Me duele la espalda. Hazme un té.” Of all the things I remember about my childhood, one distinct recurring memory I have is […]


Celebrating Immigrant Mothers – America’s Voice

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Picture source:AMOR MIGRANTE (YouTube Official Video) – Elena & Los Fulanos Immigrant mothers are worthy of admiration. This is how I concluded a short essay about my undocumented mother, Vilma, who has overcome her fear of deportation. In the essay, I wrote about my mother’s unwavering spirit, her sacrifices, and her ability to always have […]